Tanzania / Pond Update.

Earlier this month I took a solo trip to Tanzania in order to fill the requirements needed in order to extend my visa here in Kenya. Hearing the stories from other travelers and not knowing what to expect, kept a healthy level of excitement coursing through my veins as I made my way down south. I started out of course at home in Kibwezi first, then strolling up to the Mombasa Hwy to catch a ride to my next stop in Voi. It was rush week for all the students going back to school so the buses were packed and the fairs were spiked. I got to Voi some time near 4 or 5 in the afternoon and decided i had done good for the day. I spend the evening exploring and chit chatting with all the eager townies. 100_2180

I bought my ticket to Moshie that night as that was my goal for the following day. Moshie is a much larger city in Tanzania located at the base of  base of Mt. Kilimanjaro, so when I arrived I was swarmed by people ready to give me the best deal for a trip up to the top of Kilimanjaro. I crossed the boarder with no problem from Kenya into Tanzania, thanks to a polish women I spotted. She was a life saver!. I made it to the main city, found a place to sleep and was back in the sack.

100_2185 100_2188

Now on day 3 of my journey and feeling a bit frustrated with obviously exaggerated taxi prices, I decided to walk out of the city toward my next distention, which is the town of Himo. Where I was going I could not get any closer to Kenya then Himo. I got there with time to spare. Still, one day before my visa was to expire and I was able to return to Kenya I wondered around Himo declining scam after obvious scam until my exhaustion from avoiding being scammed got the best of me and I settled into a guest house to finely wait out the last few hours. Little did i realize that these hours would be the longest. No sleep was gifted to me that night, thanks to the loud dance hall reggae music playing at level 11 until 3 in the morning seemingly for no one what so ever. So as early as possible I hoofed myself to the boarder where I successfully extended my visa and simultaneously caught a ride on the bus back to Voi. Landing myself front row seats on the bumpy ride back. I did see elephants and giraffe at some point, making the trip well worth the time and effort. One i got back to Voi i was quick to land my next bus to Kibwezi and on home I went. On the bus ride some kids found a seat next to mine in a bus virtually empty so we passed the time playing with my camera.100_2202 100_2204 100_2207 100_2210 100_2214 100_2217

And now for the pond update.  Not much i can say about digging sop ill just show the progress.100_2239100_2243100_2238

these pictures really doesn’t do it justest. the size of this thing is bigger then any pool you can find t a hotel. unless you go to a really expensive hotel that is.


One response to “Tanzania / Pond Update.

  1. I love what you are doing. Please keep me updated . I will be in Tanzania this fall to set a permaculture practical training center with seven Ravens Permaculture.
    Take care


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