E.D. Heading Back To Kenya April 17th!

Serving as Nomad’s Executive Director, I’ll be heading back to Kenya April 17th for a 2 month period. During the past 12 months I will have spent 6 of those working in Kibwezi, Kenya, and oh how I long to spent even more time there!

This trip will be incredibly busy as we have so many amazing projects in the works. We will be constructing a large-scale chicken coop so our kids will finally be able to eat fresh eggs on a daily basis. I’ll be completing the first fish pond and our first harvest of Tilapia will take place this December. Our first trial run at fish farming so please send us good ‘fish’ energy!

Aside from farming. Nomad has some major changes taking place at Gail’s House, our self-sustaining orphanage located on our 5 acres of land. Currently we have 9 boys living there, however this is about to change drastically.

Nomad has partnered with an organization called Generation Next (GN). They have proven to be an incredible addition to our organization, allowing us to grow on every level imaginable. In March of this year GN shipped a 20ft. container from Florida to the Port of Mombasa, Kenya. It will then be trucked to Kibwezi the week of May 8th. The container is full of bedroom furniture, cribs, kitchen equipment, farming equipment and on and on. Needless to say Gail’s House will be getting a full interior makeover.

GN is also overseeing the increase from 9 boys to 25 boys and girls, a full time staff of 6 caretakers, 2 cooks, and a live-in house mother. We will also be employing a full time gardener and then of course Nomad’s guard of 7 years, Simon, will have his hands full overseeing security. Thank goodness we have Zoe, our rocking new dog and protector!

I am so looking forward to getting back to Kenya and getting my hands dirty with all these amazing projects, seeing friends and making new ones. Of course many more updates will follow this post …. next stop Kenya!






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