And… I’m Off To Kenya!


As I sit in the Seattle airport waiting for my flight to Amsterdam, then Kenya, I reminisce over the last few days. We were all excited to welcome our dear friend Nellie from Kenya. We are so proud of this amazing woman and friend of ten years. She was invited to speak at a UN conference in NYC and speak she did. In front of an audience of thousands, Nellie spoke passionately about young girls and women. About education. About FGM. HIV/AIDS. About hope. Why girls struggle to stay in school. She spoke and people listened. Nellie…. a beautiful soul indeed.

Thank you to the ‘Cowgirls’  and everyone who contributed to her ticket,  flying her out to Bend, OR and taking such good care of her. I was only able to spend one night with Nellie but ironically enough, I’ll see her in Kenya in a few weeks and we will make plans to help empower young girls to stay in school and on and on. There is so much work to be done but with Nellie leading the charge, we will no doubt change the lives of young girls and women for the better.

Many projects to accomplish on this two month trip for Nomad Charities. Fish ponds, construction of a rocking chicken coop, irrigation, hiring staff to oversee additional children living at Gail’s House, instillation of a commercial kitchen stove and the arrival our shipping container via Florida, Mombasa, Kibwezi.

I think most exciting for me will be finding a companion for Zoe, our dog at Gail’s House. This new dog will be extra special and we are surprising our youngest boy living there, Martin, to pick her out and play a significant role in raising her. Martin is 13 years old, lost both his parents in 2008/9 to AIDS. He too is HIV positive and struggles with the stigma of living with HIV/AIDS in Africa. He took a liking to Zoe, so having a puppy of his own will be a wonderful sight to see. He’s a love young boy and holds a special place in all our hearts. Thank you to Courtney MacMillan for sponsoring Martin and taking care of all his needs.

Time to catch my plane. Stay tuned for many more updates from Kibwezi, Kenya ……. and off I go!





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