Living at Gail’s House

As I settle into living at Gail’s house, I am in  awe of the effort, energy, dedication, and love it has taken to create this place. It is truly amazing. To all of you who have played a part in creating this place, I must say well done. This home is beautiful and very fine by African standards. The boys are quick to tell everyone how happy they are to be here. They have food, water, beds, cloths, light to study by, and adults who love and care for them.

That being said, the reality is that Jenn, Rita, Robert and I are living in a boys dormitory. After being awoken at 1:00 am by music and laughter we all decided that we needed to establish some new rules. As an old prep school student myself, I have a keen understanding of dorm life and culture and I was happy to assist in drafting some house rules. You can see them below. As we discussed each of the rules with the boys the next day, it was clear from their faces that they understood these were serious rules.

Of course as is often the case, our first trial of the new rules occurred the very next day when a large sum of money went missing. After Robert conducted an impressively thorough investigation and questioned each student, he was able to extract a confession from the student. Sadly it was the boy’s second offense and therefore resulted in him being expelled from the house and program. It was a very difficult and painful decision for us to make, but in the end it was clearly the correct one. After his departure the following day, we learned from the boys that he had taken many other things and had, in fact, cut a hole in his mattress in which he was hiding stolen items. The boys were all relieved that he had been expelled and a solid example of the validity of the newly posted rules. Needless to say, things have been running very smoothly ever since. Boys will indeed be boys, but boys left to own devises make very poor roommates.




Gail’s House Rules

 We understand that living here is a privilege and that we must follow these rules in order to stay.

 Everyone will respect each other at all times.

  • Theft of any kind will not be tolerated and the person will be instantly expelled from the house and reported to the police.
  • We must seek permission in advance to leave the house and to have visitors.
  • We must be home each night by 6:30 pm.
  • The house will be quite at 10:00 each night. All music and noise must stop at this time so others can sleep.
  • All electronics will be turned in at 8:00.


We work together to keep our house clean, safe and good.

  • We all do our duties each day.
  • The kitchen is cleaned every night.
  • The Dining Hall and Bathrooms are cleaned on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday.
  • We keep our rooms clean at all times.
  • We use as little water and propane/fuel as possible.
  • When we turn on the fuel and water we watch it the whole time. Waste is not acceptable.
  • We use small buckets of water to bath.
  • We keep our house and compound clean by putting trash in containers. We do not throw trash on the ground.
  • We keep the gate to the compound closed at all times.


We understand that not following these rules will result in us being disciplined and possibly expelled from the house.



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