2014 Was An Amazing Year!

Its been a long while since out last post, so many apologies in advance! 2014 was by far our most productive year to date. This was the year we completed preparing our land for crops and, for the first time, we grew enough maize to feed our kids living at Gail’s House for the entire year! We developed a massive water storage pond, and built a cement water canal – which will directly feed into the pond.

We have chickens! We finished construction of the chicken coop and now have well over 30 chickens as of January of 2015. The outside of Gail’s House has received a beautiful makeover! Rock gardens, flowers, banana trees, lemon trees and lots of passion fruit vines to cover the fences. It is so beautiful!

In 2014 we were able to fence in our entire property. This allows us both added security for our kids and staff living at Gail’s House as well as for keeping out goats, people and livestock from our fields and fish ponds. We have been wanting to fence in our area for years and because of a generous grant from the Olive Bridge Fund, were were able to complete many of the mentioned projects through this grant alone.

We have electricity! Only took 5 years and we are so grateful. Although our entire facility still runs off solar energy, we now use electricity to power our our new, 5 foot long water pump as well as our computer lab and all 5 of the laptops there. The new water pump, which runs off solar, electricity and wind, was needed in order to fulfill our irrigation needs on the farm.

We now have 24 children in our Student Sponsorship Program as we continue to place more girls in school, which is one of our missions for 2015!

If you would like a 2014 Year In Review Newsletter for Nomad Charities please contact our office and we will snail mail you one asap!

We expect 2015 to be another magical year for Nomad, our kids and our community in which we serve. Stay tuned for more updates for our graduate students like Benjamin and Nelly as well as our staff, volunteers and so on.

Cheers to a wonderful 2015 for us all!

Jenn Hofmann
Executive Director


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