A Wonderful Trip To Kenya – Summer 2015

It has been 7 months since I was last in Kenya and oh how I have missed it. In truth, seeing my dog Zoe greet me well beyond arriving at the gate at Gail’s House was so emotional for me. Zoe, our kids, Rita, Robert, Burgwin, Mercy, Simon, Robert, they all hold such a special place in my heart.

This trip was different in that we didn’t have massive farming projects going on but more film and secondary school projects taking place. Nomad launched our DO IT FOR DORIS campaign – to get more girls to attend and finish secondary school. A lot of follow up work for our Foundations, the amazing organizations that keep Nomad Charities alive and thriving and then always the maintenance of keeping up with the farm, water projects, borehole, and the 11,000 sq. ft. building.

There are always surprises when I arrive in Kenya, and when I arrived this go around, I found out (10 days later) that our massive water project for the farm now serves as a pilot project for the entire district of Kibwezi! This project was funded by the Olive Bridge Fund and we are forever grateful. With the completion of this project, and if the rains come this December, we hope to farm 2 out of the 3 growing seasons. Our goal has always been to be self-sustaining and we hope to do so in 2016. With that said, everything depends on mother nature so we shall see what she has in store for Kenya.

Self-sustaining means using the profits from our crops to feed our kids, community members and to sell some of our crops to local vendors, using those funds to pay staff, medical bills, building maintenance, and on and on. Its a tall order, however we throw it all out to the universe and we welcome what she has in store for us all in Kenya.

Our next trip to Kenya is tentatively scheduled for early January 2016 so stay tuned. We will be posting more updates along the way. Thank you all for your support and energy as we continue on this journey to keep our kids in school, empower women, farm, grow and learn from our own mishaps and beyond. Our journey continues….


Jenn Hofmann

Executive DirectorDSCF2630


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